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Six figure settlement for rendering plant worker.  Loss of earning capacity challenged by insurance company and no permanency benefits being paid when we were retained on the case.

Mother charged with felony child abuse as a result of discipline to child.  Found not guilty after a jury trial. 

Jon Urbom co-chairs and presents at Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys’ 2015 Workers’ Compensation Seminar.

Judge of the Nebraska Workers Compensation Court enters an Award for delivery person who suffered a knee injury during a slip and fall while working. The Award entitles the client to disability benefits and future surgery. The Judge further ordered the workers compensation insurance company to pay penalties and attorney fees for the unreasonable denial of benefits.

Five-figure settlement for police officer in rural Nebraska injured while pulling over an impaired driver.  Insurance company denied liability and no offer was made to the police officer before we were retained on the case.

Six-figure settlement for worker at manufacturing plant that suffered chemical exposure resulting in chronic migraines and cognitive deficits.  Insurance company offered worker $1,000 at the beginning of the lawsuit.

Six-figure settlement for maintenance worker at high school who suffered a low back injury at work.  Insurance company offered $7,500 before we were retained on this case.

Six-figure settlement for woman that slipped and fell outside a rural Nebraska health care provider.  Insurance company denied liability and no offer was made until our firm pushed the case towards trial.